Blood Moon No.1


4bloodmoonsEver since Moses led the… Israelites out of Egypt, Jews and Christians the world over have given thanks to God for his mighty power and protection.  This is the first Easter Blood Moon in a very long time and it falls exactly on Jewish Passover

PrasediumThe full moon last night over San Francisco.

More about this coincidence in the future, for the moment, Happy Easter/Passover/Easter egg hunt.

A Dull Boring Calendar Posting


For those that know what to do with it. For everyone else, it’s just a Calendar (Ipuwar stuff.)

Orbit (Days) Change @ Mayan Baktun = YEAR Comments
360 = 400 Years -1628 B.C. 1628-1627 Poleshift (Dendrochronology [Tree rings] Timing)
360 = 400 Years -1228 B.C.    
360 = 400 Years -828 B.C.    
360 707 B.C. = 400 Years 121 -307 4th August 707 B.C. Poleshift Chinese Astrologer Timing
365 = 394.52 Years 88 -740.5    
365 = 394.52 Years 482 A.D.    
365 = 394.52 Years 877 A.D.    
365 = 394.52 Years 1271 A.D.    
365 1582 = 394.25 Years 1665 A.D. Ten days were dropped so that October 5 became October 15 in 1582
365 = 394.25 Years 2060 A.D.
Under Pope Gregory XIII the leap rule was altered: century years which are not divisible by 400 would not be leap years. So 1700, 1800, and 1900 were not leap years, and 2100, 2200 and 2300 will not be either. This rule makes the mean year 365.2425 days (365 d, 5 h, 49 min, 12 s) long. While this does not synchronize the years entirely, it would require a few thousand years to accumulate a day.

My Calendar Change Spreadsheet (Very Draft….)

 (P.S. We don’t use Microsoft Excel anymore…. They tease you with the 360 day orbit “thing” and then refuse to recognise any date prior to 1 Jan 1900… what a bloody joke. )

Those Egyptians knew a thing or two… Ipuwar said:

Papyrus    2:5-6    Plague is throughout the land.  Blood is everywhere.
                 2:10    The river is blood. IpuwarvsExodus

Compared with Exodus : (As per Velikovsky)

Exodus      7:21    There was blood throughout all the land of Egypt.
                 7:20    All the waters that were in the river were turned to blood.

Papyrus    2:10    Men shrink from tasting and thirst after water.

This too me sounds like heavy metals made the water turn rusty…. and undrinkable.

Exodus     7:24    And all the Egyptians digged round about the river for water to                       
                               drink;  for they could not drink of the water of the river.

Papyrus  2:8    Forsooth, the land turns round as does a potter’s wheel.
                2:11    The towns are destroyed.
                7:4    The residence is destroyed in a minute.

OK – this appears to be the poleshift.

Papyrus    2:10    Forsooth, gates, columns and walls are consumed by fire.
Exodus     9:23    The fire ran along the ground.  There was hail, and fire mingled with the hail.

Sounds like the Egyptians had chemtrail ice as well…..

Papyrus    4:14    Trees are destroyed.
                   6:1    No fruit or herbs are found.
Exodus     9:25    And the hail smote every herb of the field, and brake every tree of                     
                             the field.

Papyrus    4:3    Forsooth, the children of princes are dashed against the walls.
Exodus     12:27    (The Angel of the Lord) smote the Egyptians.

Papyrus      9:11    The land is not light.
Exodus     10:22    And there was a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt.

Beyond the clear references to red dust turning the water a blood red, Ipuwer’s papyrus described social disorder and confusion, which is what supposedly allowed the Jewish slaves to escape.

Quoting from Velikovsky’s book, Ages in Chaos.

Papyrus    6:9    Forsooth, the laws of the judgment-hall are cast forth.  Men walk                   
                            upon them in the public places.
                6:7    Forsooth, public offices are opened and their census-lists are taken                   
              10:3    The storehouse of the king is the common property of everyone.
              10:3-6  Lower Egypt weeps.  The entire palace is without its revenues.  To                     
                            it belong (by right) wheat and barley, geese and fish.
             14:11    There are none found to stand and protect themselves.

Papyrus Behold, noble ladies go hungry.
              Behold, he who slept without a wife through want finds precious things.
              He who passed the night in squalor (raised his head).
              She who looked at her face in the water is possessor of a mirror.
              Behold, no craftsmen work.
              A man strikes his brother, the son of his mother.
              Men sit behind bushes until the benighted (traveler) comes, in order to                     
                 plunder his burden.
              Behold, one uses violence against another.  If three men journey upon a                 
                 road, they are found to be two men;  the greater number slays the less.
             The land is as a weed that destroys men.



Name and Shame….


Sorry Folks – just a boring fugly watch report.

This time parked outside my window with a van full of batteries…

The microwave meter said heads up so I had a look. Found a young man trying to lie down on the front seats and look nonchalant about watching youtube videos in a really uncomfortable position, …. no other cars parked anywhere on the block, just him, just outside my window.  He told me [when I taDSCN0282pped on his window to ask if he was ok] that he was on his break and when I said I could think of more comfortable places to take a break, his response was , “I’m allowed to park here, the sign says so….”

Touchy…. Coincidence?  – Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Except when I walked off down the street, instead of going back inside, suddenly he didn’t want to park there any more.

And oh yeah… he beeped me as he passed… friendly chap.










Eggs/Cells Whats the difference ?


So we can cook eggs with mobile phones. So why not people ?

You havent heard of it being done ?  Read Cooking with Your Phone

Well have you been on Mars ?

No. So ergo, it is possible to cook people with mobile phones. Albeit slowly, but just a surely.

On that basis anyone using a mobile phone is potentially an assassin.

Hmm. Something to think about, n’estce pas? [is it not ?]

Minions of the Darkside.


I’m surrounded by cars that are burning me on a daily basis.

I have no choice but to publicise their rego numbers.

Some of these will be incorrect, but if you recognise them, do they belong to a neighbour, a friend a relative ? Are you living next to someone from the darkside ?

ASO20T Gold Holden Astra

CNQ63K White Freelander

CHB68U Grey Holden SR6 Ute (Tray Back)

BTN 66Z Blue S70 Volvo

BZV53T Silver Nissan MICRA

611LTE (QLD Plates) White Mitsubishi Lancer

BIX37G Charcoal Honda Accord

BHR76Y Silver 4WD Lexus

BZU29A Charcoal Mazda 3

BCS84M Charcoal Blue XC70 Volvo





How to make an H.E.R.F. Gun


In attempting to provide data to the police forces of Australia, I shall continue my current efforts at teaching them about unlicensed weapons that can kill, maim and hurt.


This DIYer built his own Microwave HERF (high-energy radio frequency) gun by using parts from an old microwave oven.  The electromagnetic gun works just like a normal microwave with a high energy source triggering a magnetron which produces microwave radiation at 2.45GHz. The targeting part is a waveguide made out of metal which directs the microwaves in one direction instead of letting them scatter.


If you have an old microwave around you could setup your own HERF gun with the help of the step-by step instructions. There’s also the video above. But as the instructions point out, don’t attempt a HERF gun without proper education and safety precautions.

How to Make a Microwave Gun.


This article was plagiarized in it’s entirety from :


It is intended to be read by Psychiatrist’s and Policemen in New South Wales.

These are the two professions that obviously don’t have internet access yet, or else they would know about microwave weapons and wouldn’t have sectioned me for believing in them.

Welcome to Microwave Energy—the next part of my Making Electromagnetic Weapons series. For the Electromagnetic Pulse Generator, check out the last three articles (One, Two and Three). I’m sure almost all of you have used a microwave at some point in your lives.

As a child, I always found microwaves fascinating; the idea of heating food with invisible energy, and even creating lightning should the user accidentally microwave metal! However, microwaves are not only used for heating food. Microwave energy generally falls under the 2.4 GHz (Gigahertz band). This same band is used by many wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Microwaves consist of any wavelength between 300 MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz.

The range (energy) depends on the “strength” of the wavelength.  Here’s a visual representation of the electromagnetic spectrum:making-electromagnetic-weapons-directed-microwave-energy.w6541Simple Cooking Appliance or Lethal Weapon?

Well, it really depends. In this article, I'll be going over the simple basics of a 
microwave weapon, since microwave energy is a huge topic. In its simplest form, any 
waveform transfer of energy starts with excited particles and ends with excited 
particles. Inside a microwave, you'll find a large transformer (called a MOT or 
Microwave Oven Transformer), a large capacitor (rated around 1-2 kV; 1-100 uF), 
some high voltage diodes (for rectifying the alternating current from the transformer), 
a magnetron (the microwave emitter—I'll go into this later), and other electrical 
components for operating the main electronics. In a Microwave Weapon (MW), the 
components can be as simple as a magnetron, a transformer, a diode, and a capacitor. 
Of course, the magnetron is certainly not that simple, consisting of several finely 
tuned "antennas" and other components. A basic illustration of how a magnetron works 
is pictured below:  
The round "1" is an electron source, the area between the power 
source and the antenna is the electron "accelerator", and the antenna itself is a simple
 way of "amplifying" and broadcasting the electron energy at a specific frequency. When 
these "tuned electrons" hit an object (specifically water or metal), they excite the 
molecules and generate heat, or in the case of metal, electrical energy. This is why 
microwaves are so dangerous compared to EMPs. Microwaves not only wreck havoc on 
electronics, but also can harm living beings. 

This is where I must issue a WARNING!!! 
Microwaves are extremely dangerous. They can PERMANENTLY HARM YOU! 

If you feel even the slightest uncertainty towards the physics, dangers, and overall understanding of 
microwaves, DO NOT construct a microwave weapon.  The Construction  The best way to create a homemade 
microwave weapon is with an old microwave. If you want to upgrade to a more powerful, long range device, 
it's practically impossible unless you have a physics lab with extensive measuring equipment. However, 
an average microwave puts out 1,000-2,000 watts of energy, quite enough for destroying electronics. 
Microwaves tend to "fly in all directions" unless they are directed. However, this is what the 
antenna does—directs the microwaves. In my experimentation, I discovered that a slight cone-shaped 
metal funnel has the best microwave-focusing ability. I was able to fry an old cell phone from up 
to 10 feet using three magnetrons and one funnel. This constitutes to about 6,000 watts (W) of 
directed energy, quite an accomplishment for 15 bucks spent at a thrift store. The circuit diagram 
for each individual magnetron looked something like this: 

On a basic level, the circuit consists of a transformer, a voltage doubler (diode and capacitor) and a magnetron. 
The three MOTs draw lots of power, so I had to hook everything into a thick, direct mains line. The magnetron itself looks 
like this:  
There are two large magnets that "direct" the electrons as they pass through the antenna. 
Also, the device has a heat sink to cool off. There are many other components and function aspects of 
the magnetron that are very complicated, but interesting. If you're curious, check out the information 
in this article.  Once finished, the entire apparatus should look something like this:  
making-electromagnetic-weapons-directed-microwave-energy.w6545The waveguide (or metal funnel cone) guides the microwaves in a linear direction, and allows them to be focused in a 
specific direction. Once directed, the microwaves can generate electrical current in any conductive metal 
they encounter. How much electricity they generate is determined by the distance from the magnetron and 
the power of the output. The microwave gun will also disrupt wireless communications (depending on their 
frequencies) and excite water molecules.  
Warnings MICROWAVES ARE VERY VERY DANGEROUS. DO NOT attempt to build this device unless you are very very confident in your understanding of the dangers, correct 
practice of safety, and legal concerns.  HIGH VOLTAGE! Microwave Transformers can easily kill you! 
Treat then with respect! Remember... Fear of Lightning.  DO NOT use this device on anything or anywhere 
where it violates FCC rules or any other legal constraint!  I am not responsible for any damage, harm, 
or legal trouble you get yourself into. 

Stolen from:

Does Australia Have Due Process ?


We assume a lot sometimes. Especially me. I assume you all know what happened to me and of course, you don’t.

I traveled to Sydney from Darwin via Bus and train arriving in Sydney on the morning of the 6th of March.

Four hours later, I was in a convenience store minding my own business (updating a blog [Rad levels declining after X4.9 Flare] Posted on March 6, 2014 ) when an individual started taking pot shots at me with his iPhone. I went outside and asked him to desist…. in fact the words I used were….:

(To the best of my memory – a Month Later)

“I wonder if you could imagine what it was like to have thousands of little knives jabbing at your heart. Well that’s what the microwaves from your phone are doing to me. Would you mind stopping that and doing it somewhere else. “

On the strength of that, four burly policemen lobbed up at the convenience store an hour later to arrest me for threatening a stranger with thousands of little knives.

Unfortunately for me, I had a leatherman tool on my belt (it’s been there for sixteen years – what can I say, I’m a geek)

So on the strength of the big burly policeman finding a leatherman tool on my belt and me asking someone poking me (deliberately) with Microwaves [albiet low amperage,] to please move along, I was detained for six weeks and found to be a paranoid schizophrenic.

At no time did anyone ask me to prove what I was saying about microwaves.

At no time did I see a complaint from the invisible stranger…

So even though the police marked my arrest form as no danger to self or no danger to others, I was still sectioned under the mental health act.

Sound suspicious to you ? Yeah, me too…. Please ask your local member about it if you want to help stop this kind of behavior in the future.


Do we live in a Democracy with due process or not ?