How to Make a Microwave Gun.


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It is intended to be read by Psychiatrist’s and Policemen in New South Wales.

These are the two professions that obviously don’t have internet access yet, or else they would know about microwave weapons and wouldn’t have sectioned me for believing in them.

Welcome to Microwave Energy—the next part of my Making Electromagnetic Weapons series. For the Electromagnetic Pulse Generator, check out the last three articles (One, Two and Three). I’m sure almost all of you have used a microwave at some point in your lives.

As a child, I always found microwaves fascinating; the idea of heating food with invisible energy, and even creating lightning should the user accidentally microwave metal! However, microwaves are not only used for heating food. Microwave energy generally falls under the 2.4 GHz (Gigahertz band). This same band is used by many wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Microwaves consist of any wavelength between 300 MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz.

The range (energy) depends on the “strength” of the wavelength.  Here’s a visual representation of the electromagnetic spectrum:making-electromagnetic-weapons-directed-microwave-energy.w6541Simple Cooking Appliance or Lethal Weapon?

Well, it really depends. In this article, I'll be going over the simple basics of a 
microwave weapon, since microwave energy is a huge topic. In its simplest form, any 
waveform transfer of energy starts with excited particles and ends with excited 
particles. Inside a microwave, you'll find a large transformer (called a MOT or 
Microwave Oven Transformer), a large capacitor (rated around 1-2 kV; 1-100 uF), 
some high voltage diodes (for rectifying the alternating current from the transformer), 
a magnetron (the microwave emitter—I'll go into this later), and other electrical 
components for operating the main electronics. In a Microwave Weapon (MW), the 
components can be as simple as a magnetron, a transformer, a diode, and a capacitor. 
Of course, the magnetron is certainly not that simple, consisting of several finely 
tuned "antennas" and other components. A basic illustration of how a magnetron works 
is pictured below:  
The round "1" is an electron source, the area between the power 
source and the antenna is the electron "accelerator", and the antenna itself is a simple
 way of "amplifying" and broadcasting the electron energy at a specific frequency. When 
these "tuned electrons" hit an object (specifically water or metal), they excite the 
molecules and generate heat, or in the case of metal, electrical energy. This is why 
microwaves are so dangerous compared to EMPs. Microwaves not only wreck havoc on 
electronics, but also can harm living beings. 

This is where I must issue a WARNING!!! 
Microwaves are extremely dangerous. They can PERMANENTLY HARM YOU! 

If you feel even the slightest uncertainty towards the physics, dangers, and overall understanding of 
microwaves, DO NOT construct a microwave weapon.  The Construction  The best way to create a homemade 
microwave weapon is with an old microwave. If you want to upgrade to a more powerful, long range device, 
it's practically impossible unless you have a physics lab with extensive measuring equipment. However, 
an average microwave puts out 1,000-2,000 watts of energy, quite enough for destroying electronics. 
Microwaves tend to "fly in all directions" unless they are directed. However, this is what the 
antenna does—directs the microwaves. In my experimentation, I discovered that a slight cone-shaped 
metal funnel has the best microwave-focusing ability. I was able to fry an old cell phone from up 
to 10 feet using three magnetrons and one funnel. This constitutes to about 6,000 watts (W) of 
directed energy, quite an accomplishment for 15 bucks spent at a thrift store. The circuit diagram 
for each individual magnetron looked something like this: 

On a basic level, the circuit consists of a transformer, a voltage doubler (diode and capacitor) and a magnetron. 
The three MOTs draw lots of power, so I had to hook everything into a thick, direct mains line. The magnetron itself looks 
like this:  
There are two large magnets that "direct" the electrons as they pass through the antenna. 
Also, the device has a heat sink to cool off. There are many other components and function aspects of 
the magnetron that are very complicated, but interesting. If you're curious, check out the information 
in this article.  Once finished, the entire apparatus should look something like this:  
making-electromagnetic-weapons-directed-microwave-energy.w6545The waveguide (or metal funnel cone) guides the microwaves in a linear direction, and allows them to be focused in a 
specific direction. Once directed, the microwaves can generate electrical current in any conductive metal 
they encounter. How much electricity they generate is determined by the distance from the magnetron and 
the power of the output. The microwave gun will also disrupt wireless communications (depending on their 
frequencies) and excite water molecules.  
Warnings MICROWAVES ARE VERY VERY DANGEROUS. DO NOT attempt to build this device unless you are very very confident in your understanding of the dangers, correct 
practice of safety, and legal concerns.  HIGH VOLTAGE! Microwave Transformers can easily kill you! 
Treat then with respect! Remember... Fear of Lightning.  DO NOT use this device on anything or anywhere 
where it violates FCC rules or any other legal constraint!  I am not responsible for any damage, harm, 
or legal trouble you get yourself into. 

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Scouts OK


I am not Tom He has asked me to post for him.

He has no phone or pc and is stuck in hospital in CJ Cummins Unit Royal North Shore in Sydney.

He would like to remind you that reservoir water is not safe for any purpose. Bore water should be used for drinking, washing, ablutions, and crop watering. Sea water or water from very deep lakes may be used for bathing only.

Look out for growing radiation on the full moon.

Principle Embarkation/Departure Transit Points in Australia.


As I escape the clutches of the best of our nations defenses in Darwin, Northern Territory, I am learning that this countries defenses appear to be trained against the population and are delivered where there are high concentration of “safety cameras”.
The safety cameras are apparently not there for “our” safety.

In my case, my escape methodology is buses. which makes it easy for them to put people on ahead, let them breathe on me and then get them off.

Tonight is the most difficult leg of my trip.

It’s the last leg. Scout is home tomorrow.  If he is allowed to go there. I’m expecting some sort of surprise. Last night is was a full bus with people getting on and off with guns [real pistols] and colds and flu’s…

But from your viewpoint as the shit hits the fan in the future and those weird terrahertz weapons kick in to control the crowds…

Backroads, secondary airports small railways stations, rivers rather than harbours….  will keep you all a lot safer.  And for scouts sake, travel at night in the dark period of the moon.

I’d rather not say any more than that.



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How do you know if you’re being shot ?


One of these might be handy.

EMF Meter

EMF Meter

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Own Goal


In Soccer, when a team kicks the ball into it’s own goal, the other side is given the point for the “own goal”.

In war, when a soldier shoots a mate it’s called friendly fire.

In this bloodless war that we are in the middle of it’s called “lying to your troops”…..

Today’s Mystery Fuggly Photo:

Shooting me by facing the wrong way
Shooting me by facing the wrong way

This young lady, as many others was facing the wrong whilst she was shooting me. Therefore the microwaves were going straight through her to get to me.

Something else that their “leaders” “forgot” to tell them about…. Bill claims that the microwaves are at any chosen XYZ point in space buy the energy to create that point in space has to travel along a pathway somewhere.

From my point of view… I am managing to stay out of the way of most of them. The added benefot is that I am helping kill fugglies just be being a very long term and tedious target… (since 10th of August 2013 or thereabouts) chuckle chuckle.

Well as long as the keep shooting me they are killing their mates with friendly fire….

The guys at the back were burning me and the other passengers.

The guys at the back were burning me and the other passengers.

The good guys will probably win….















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Adelaide Report in Reflection


Whilst in Adelaide yesterday, I spoke to a fuggly*. I do that sometimes, some of them seem to be very nice people (who went with the crowd and don’t really know that they are about to kill 7 billion without lifting a finger).

So I was chatting to this fuggly and he informed me that the global financial crash was coming, I said, “That’s interesting,when will it arrive?”. Looking at the indicators, I was thinking he was going to say Friday or next Monday… He told me that it would be arriving next year. I didn’t want to burst his bubble, so I merely replied that I bet him a dollar it would happen before the middle of April…

He started shouting at me… “You don’t know what you’re talking about … it won’t happen until September 2015…”

I might not “know” what I am talking about – but I can sure feel the radiation… and that tells me the markets are not going to last till next September.

Our Radiation Density Scale from Yesterday up close to maximums

Our Radiation Density Scale from Yesterday

Yesterday we posted the radiation density scale for the day. (Remains from the X Flare earlier this week)

Here it is again as a reminder. with the radiation between 40 and 90 particles per cubic centimetre.

…and here is today’s:

That’s the problem with this war. The foot soldiers are being fed shit… and responding like good little mushrooms, they believe what they are told. I guess if you’re a General in this war with your guaranteed Bunker allocation… then the foot soldiers are just “acceptable losses”.

So the Density today (last two hours) is still above 1.0 (these numbers are to the power of 4 (so are actually larger than the inferred lie of 1.0 particle per cc.)

I was happy to retire from the scouting business. The scouting business has actually become the spy business with most spy agencies trying to rub me out in four ways:

1. Radiation – from the sun and reflected from exo planets in our solar system and the albedo counter measures (rain [see scout 7 pg 24-30 HAARP, Barium and Strontium powered rain]) and being prevented to take shelter under concrete during radiation events by being “barred” from various venues (the Mitchell centre in Darwin…”. …and by placing radioactive stones into my running shoes whilst I was in hospital (and told I wasn’t allowed to have the runners whilst inside.)…and by spraying me, the house that I was staying in, the car that I was driving with barium and strontium taken from the air-conditioners that extract moisture from the atmosphere including radioactive substances introduced to reflect incoming radiation.

2. Sickness – by surrounding me with people on public transport or in public libraries that all have various stages of mysterious coughing and sneezing sicknesses.

(This process has been accelerated by my immune system being seriously challenged by five months of sleep deprivation. Being woken by firecrackers, aborigines screaming or trying to sleep with me [yay lucky me], cars revving their engines or doing wheelies along the street where I am staying, whipper snippers and leaf blowers being started up at three o’clock in the morning… security guards waking me up to ask if i am ok…. etc.

Last night there was an African lady that leaned over the seats (she was sitting in front of me and breathed on me….)

3.  Targeting my brain and Heart with microwaves – sometimes singly from low powered phones and sometimes from direct 240 volt plugged in devices (increased amperage….).

4.  Paliperidone. A heart accelerant that hates: exercise, interrupted sleep, garlic, chilli, Diabetes or the common cold resulting in unfortunate heart seizure.

He came he sat, looked at me twice and left after he realised that I was staring at him....

He came he sat, looked at me twice and left after he realised that I was staring at him…. (Today’s Lucky Fuggly Photo)

But the spy business won’t let me leave. They keep poking me with several hundred pointy microwaves every day – so I have to keep poking back. That is the nature of pokes…. You poke, I poke, we all poke…. I think that’s how wars start. So, Billy baby, it’s a good day to start a war I guess….  keep poking me you miserable excuse for a member of the human race. My only vindication will be that when the shit hits the fan our medical lifeboat will eventually be forced to cease and you will just expire.

They keep trotting the same people in to burn me and they think I wont realise it. I photograph them but dont post many of the photos. Here’s one chosen at random from yesterdays mugshots. How do I know ? Because I can feel the stuff and tell the incoming direction.

I guess that’s all as far as the Scout adventures for today….

Actually, I was gong to end, but they’re trying to force me to go to the toilet. So I will ignore those frequencies and continue blogging – they poke – I poke back. That’s what this is all about. Once they stop poking, we might have something to talk about.

30 million Electron volts declining (EXCELLENT)

30 million Electron volts declining (EXCELLENT)

In the meantime… I checked the SIS** is showing that the current remains of the X-Flare flying around are slowing diminishing in energy… (a good thing).

* A person of questionable religious and moral values, possibly covered in tattoos, probably a member of a Masonic lodge or similar secret organisation. (Similar secret organisations include Opus Dei, the Jewish Secret Service, the Mossad, and current and past Presidents, the Skull and Bones club and a number of Muslim groups who I am now confused about in relation to their terrorist origins. If the Muslims are actually partnered with the Jews and the Catholics against the atheists, does that then mean that Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun – The Muslim Brotherhood. -and Al Queda Al-Qa’ida are all actually part of the CIA ?

** Solar Isotope Spectrometer (SIS) is designed to provide high resolution measurements of the isotopic composition of energetic nuclei from He to Ni (Z=2 to 28) over the energy range from ~10 to ~100 MeV/nucleon.

Droids in Adelaide (glowing any day Droids….)


Doesnt matter where I go in Adelaide, there the minions are waiting to burn me. In large numbers. Head, neck and heart. Their favourite is the warm upper body moisture sticky imitation wet season feeling.  It resembles quite accurately cosmic plasma events.  At first I though they were collecting information from me to use to save humanity. As time passed, the plasma levels grew. See orange, yellow and green lines below.

lmsal_todayAs I went up the the fourth floor of the Kmart building in Rundle Mall, I could feel the burn on my neck.

I felt it on my neck/head/back for the next twenty-five minutes.

Although greatly diminished now, there are remnants that waft over every so often – a little like the following graph.



Clearly showing almost maximum particles per cubic centimetre.

The Muons (from planet Earth are also agreeing with these numbers. Outward muons are created as a response to rising incoming radiation.

So the real reason they’re burning me is becuase the flares coming in are pretty much arriving in adelaide with no clouds providing albedo effect.

Does that mean we have only the nuclear winter option of South Australia. ?

I’m pretty sure that the people shooting me with Microwaves havent been told about the massive radiation doses they are receiving.

The crazy thing about this - IS THAT I  WAS ON MY WAY HOME.

Mr Painter decided not to let me do that. I cant go anywhere in adelaide without getting burnt. I went to the railway station and had about 3GHz hit me simultaneously from the overhead cameras …

Therefore – as I wasnt allowed to go to shops or buildings where I could take shelter I came to the library to do this blog…

So to Adelaide people… get under cover yourselves. Get out those radiometers and monitor tour own radiation levels.

Your Government is killing you and you are being lied too.





Scout Versus the Darkside


As we moved towards the X flare arrival last week, the pressure to keep me from my computer and providing arrival calculations mounted. They filled the rooms around me at the Paravista Hotel with minions of the darkside. (Not my name for them… that was [darkside] given to me by Bill Painter. I’m not so polite, my name for them is arsehats, arseholes, the fuglies.)

So the microwave levels in room three at the paravista two nights ago was high enough to cook a chicken in about 5 minutes. In fact so high that I actually had to leave the room a couple of times to escape the burn. I walked out into the reception area to get away from the microwaves by standing under the staircase.DSCN0131
The manager dude came out of his apartment two minutes later and said – hows it going for ya ?
I said fine. He then opened the door to the suite next to mine and I saw a bed standing on its edge.
If that’s supposed to keep him safe from the microwaves coming his way across my suite from suite 4… boy is he in trouble. These people don’t really understand microwaves. Yet they are playing with them on a daily basis. Told by their leaders to burn me.
It looks as if the collateral damage to get rid of one little old me (err, that’s me), is greater than they at first could have even guessed at.

Yes their microwaves are burning my heart lungs and head. No there is no way that I know of that it can be stopped. (Face it, they are just arsehole drones following orders from on high…)
My one consolation is that they are burning themselves as much as they are burning me. The difference is that they can’t feel it.

When I checked out, Nelson, (the Manager) said, so I will turn off the Magnetron, now that you are going.

The number of peope that know what the burning bit of a microwave oven is far are few and far between.

Nelson is the first Fugly that openly admitted to having one on.




Training the jailors for the camps of the future for All Australians….


Training the jailors for the camps of the future for All Australians….

an experiment in the active creation of horror

I came across an interesting story the other day, Manus Camp A Human ‘Experiment’” about how the Manus refugee camp on PNG was a human experiment. See Excerpt below…

I am one of the few non Government persons that has been to Nauru and observed the original camp (2004).

The almost accepted integration of Afghanistan and Iranian refugees with the locals where the women and children were allowed daily trips to the Nauru markets/shops.

A far cry from the camps of today where the internees sew their lips together or burn down their accommodations out of frustration .

The article, (excerpt below), tells of a Government that implemented the camps to prevent people from trying to come to Australia.

Reading between the lines, I see a slightly different interpretation;

With the amount of incoming WASP Irish, American, Ukranian, German, Italian, French and any number of other countries, I’m not surprised. We are so full of foreigners that they now represent about 79% of the Australian population.

The following article talks about the “human experiment”. Yes I believe it is. But its an experiment in managing camps of dissenters.

Those will be Australians within the next few months, not illegal immigrants.

As we have discussed before, the need to protect our heads from further radioactive flare incursions is unfortunately likely to result in either a man made nuclear winter scenario, or the flares may elicit a (or several) volcanic eruptions (Krakatoa Style) that may darken our atmosphere for months.

As plants require good old sunshine to photo-synthesize, this will doubtless be damaging to our long term food security. When the food runs out Australians will be invited to the food for work camps. Most will have no option.

Manus Camp A Human ‘Experiment’: Staff
By Marni CordellA migration agent who was employed at the Manus Island detention camp during last week’s violence has told SBS Dateline the centre is not a processing facility – it’s a deterrence mechanismThe Australian government is maintaining a “charade” on Manus Island by pretending to process the claims of asylum seekers when in fact the detention camp is designed to be nothing more than a deterrent to others, a former staff member has told SBS Dateline in an interview to be aired tonight. manus2

Migration agent Liz Thompson, who was working on the island during last week’s violent attack on detaineesby G4S staff, locals and PNG police, tells Dateline that she was part of a team of agents employed by the Australian government to prepare refugee applications for detainees at the centre.She says the process she was involved in was a “farce”.It’s not designed as a processing facility, it’s designed as an experiment in the active creation of horror, to deter people from trying in the first place,” she tells Dateline’s Mark Davis.

Keywords:  manus island;detention centre; violence; g4s ;processing; png; asylum seekers; reza berati; death



Nauru –



camps for Australians ?

Of course as we learnt the other day… the Asteroid dust/Nuclear winter* will only last for 390 days (approximately) after which, the “ultra violet rays” will be [quote] 5oo times stronger than before the nuclear winter and will be [inferred] expected to fry everything.

The NASA article the other day didn’t give a suggested solution for what to do when the “ultra violet” gets 500 times stronger, so I’m guessing there is no official solution apart from having to hand a goodly supply of coffins (in the camps).