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Plasma from solar flares or coronal mass ejections travel along solar wind to ultimately produce aurora’s in Earth’s polar regions. This visually stunning explanatory video takes you on a journey from sun’s interior to the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Credit: NASA/University of Oslo/Arcticlightphoto


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More About Venus, Mercury and those Mayans Again.


Bear with me folks, this will become obvious eventually. I came across this drawing and felt that it wold help the reader better understand the relative relationship between Venus and Earth orbits. .

The Earth and Venus have almost circular orbits, so we can just as easily mark off their positions on the circle of their orbits at the time of Solar/Venus conjunctions. This is shown from an oblique angle in the following animation illustrating the synodic series for the inferior conjunctions . It can be seen that over the eight years of the synodic series both the Earth and Venus are drawing near perfect pentagrams on their orbits.

Because Venus and Earth take different times to complete their orbits, it is 8 years before the two planets arrive back at the same initial point. In that time Venus has completed 10 orbits and the Earth 8. There have thus been ten conjunctions ­ five ³superior¹ and five Œinferior² in the 8 years. The next step is to imagine two circles, each representing the zodiac as followed by the sun, and mark on one the position of the superior conjunctions and the order in which they occur. On the other circle, mark the positions of the inferior conjunctions and the order in which they occur. In both cases, draw a line between position one and position two, then position two and position three and so on. The result is more than interesting: the result is shattering.


Source: http://www.mikecrowson.co.uk/pentagram.html

This is a stunning fact, but there is more. Mercury, like Venus has a shorter orbit than Earth; in the case of Mercury, very much shorter. Mercury completes three orbits in just under 50 weeks, so that there are six conjunctions ­ three ³inferior² and three ³superior² in each year. If all six are marked on the circle of the zodiac and the three inferior joined by lines drawn 1-2-3-1 and the three superior joined 1-2-3-1. The result is a hexagram ­ the Star of David or Seal of Solomon. What makes this an even more striking image is that, as you will all recognise, the order of drawing the triangles is the same as that used in the dedication of the temple prior to a Martinist meeting.


These are real phenomena and, it seems to me, can only have one of four possible explanations.

  • First, it is just a meaningless coincidence. Science has a habit of dismissing anything it can¹t explain as a coincidence¹. I wouldn¹t like to calculate the odds against chance of a figure like a regular pentagram being produced by the conjunctions of Venus or a regular hexagram being produced by the conjunctions of Mercury by chance, when both are extremely ancient symbols, but it must be billions to one against.
  • Second, these very ancient symbols might be among the last remnants of an earlier civilisation, along with myths and very ancient remains. Perhaps these symbols represent a lingering remnant of its observation and learning.
  • Third, these might be an example of what Carl Jung described as Œsynchronicity¹ ­ meaningful coincidences. Remember that, by an inexplicable coincidence there are supposed to be the same number of hexagrams on the I-Ching as there are loops on a strand of DNA. Perhaps these symbols describe something about universal reality.
  • Fourth they could be a form of future memory. Sci-Fi writer Clifford Simak describes in one of his books aliens who were trying to help the human race but hid themselves because the race had a future race memory, which identified the aliens as demons. Maybe we have a race memory from the far past which produced symbols the meaning of which we would learn three thousand or more years later.

Each of the possibilities seems in some degree absurd ­ coincidence, information from a forgotten civilisation, synchronistic links embedded in the fabric of reality or future memory. I know which I think is the most probable explanation, but which do you think is most likely?



Source:  http://www.bob-wonderland.supanet.com/journal_10.htm

The animation shows two synodic series to illustrate how the small imperfection in the pentagram causes it rotate slowly with each new series. The imperfection is due to the synodic series taking 2,919.5 days to complete rather than the 2,922 days it takes Earth and Venus to synchronise their positions.

An inquiring mind might ask are we counting 6084 years or 6500 years and how many .5 days there are 52 Mayan Calender rounds (each round being 125 years with two Venus transits). Either way, depending on your preferred religion, we are very close to the biblical version of events.


Flower of Life


I dont often post videos so I apologise for the following two vids. But a few minutes of your time

is a lot shorter than if it was in words and still pictures.

Watch the dance of the planets as they dance the flower of life as our spiraling cluster of planets flies through space.

Especially watch which planets jump out of the way.


Behold ! The Pentagram and the Flower of Venus ! What Mysteries the Secret Societies know…

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Excerpts from Scout 93 (Water ETC. worthy of Repetition)


OK, they have diverted my graphic upload stream so that I can only show you low res graphics. I’m working on a work around please excuse the duplicates of some elements while we work on this.

Scout Stuff.

Firstly some clarity. Why do I write about this stuff ? Living on the street, being constantly bombarded with microwaves, never being allowed to have a complete nights sleep, having my computers destroyed and stolen, having my food intake drugged (at the supermarket shelf level), none of these are my imagination, yet to those whom it has not happened, I can certainly understand how unlikely it all sounds. I believe it is because I have discovered that some people can be very evil (as per their treatment of me vis microwave and acoustic weapons and other things as described in the scout files) and that it is obvious that they treat me this way to stop me from revealing my discoveries to you. My thesis is that I would seem to represent a microcosm of society and the injustices perpetrated on me represent your future, the wise are those that are acting in accordance with my revelations.

I will say, that although they have a head start on us of several thousand years – we can win this. Although staying out of the concentration camps and obtaining a defence against the microwave weapons would seem to be important elements. I like to think that I write about this stuff because I came upon it accidentally. At first I refused to believe it. Then I started to eliminate all that was wrong with the various “rumours” on YouTube. What I was left with after I had eliminated all that was patently disinformation/misinformation was that we were headed for some type of calamitous event that had caused the Western Governments of the world to divert billions/trillions of taxpayer funds into underground bunker and food storage.

One fact was glaringly obvious. Almost no-one in Authority was playing with a straight deck.

In fact, it became obvious to me that even those in charge were lying to each other. When Presidents around the world give each other impossible short timetables to construct underground bunkers, [per ViVo, Indonesia/Malaysia] and omit important future events (methane fireballs, Plasma soup ingress, Peratt Plasma columns, effective nuclear winter), then it is obvious that the intended objective is for a very few chosen will actually come out the other side of what we,

as a planet are facing [see discussion about nutritional matters later in this document].

I am not actually sure any more whether I am in a good place or bad place. The people around me act friendly, but occasionally something doesn’t make sense. One of the things that doesn’t make sense to me is the resources they put into drugging me with paliperidone. The other day they had an entire complicated Ambulance scenario complete with herding (stabbing followed by fake Tetanus shot?) indigenous folk.

The KOVTR website is now injected with a low grade tracking Virii… and I am not in a position to clean it.avg

There would in fact appear to be two web sites, one just for me and one for the rest of you.

Every so often I see the second site when I peek briefly from a computer that they don’t know I have access too. Therefore I have to assume that the Scout files are not always getting out to where they need to get too and may not be the same files as written by myself.

Therefore, dear reader, please send your copy of this file to those whom you would like to help.


There are few of us that don’t like playing games.

Rubic’s cube took the world by storm because although it looked simple, for most of it was a difficult and challenging obstacle.

Autistic persons or those with Aspergers syndrome related to coloured patterns better than the rest of us and made the solution look easy.

Many of us like the occasional game of skill or intellectual challenge.

Some of us like to play Chess, or Doom or Wolfenstein or Call of Duty.

All of these games have the ability to accelerate our adrenalin levels and allow us to feel “alive”.

In many of these games, particularly the interactive [online] games there is a level of psychological deviousness. Feinting to the left when you intend to go to the right.

Let the enemy think you are doing one thing when doing exactly the opposite.

A pretty neat trick.

In the fifties, ladies were told that a good housewife puts her husbands slippers in front of him, and mixes a couple of Martinis as he walks in the door from a hard day at the office.

In the eighties, the ladies discovered that the office wasn’t actually that hard. As a consequence, they have taken over the Boardrooms of several companies world wide.

Yet even here I see the hand of the master puppeteer at work. Female versus male. A new disagreement. Divide and Conquer. Give them something else to worry about.

To the people running this show, the concept is give them entertainment, take their money, use it to build bunkers.

The advantage of being a scout.

Knowing that the Government are lying about scintillation levels.

(They are a lot worse than people realise.)

Unfortunately, Simplicity Funerals will have a bumper and growing crop every month this year.

Mainly elder male members of our society. (Daily aspirin will help a little for the heart racing from the radiation but it will not prevent the rapid onset metastasising cancers.)

The rest of us will find that food at the Supermarkets is no longer fresh.

Tomatoes, Peaches, Watermelons, Bananas – all with soft spots that appear to be coming from inside the fruit. I identified this trend last year with my warnings about safe and unsafe foods.

This year of course, it is becoming harder to hide. However, as per last year, I will say that under plastic and hydroponically grown plants are of course still edible. In fact, they’re the only ones I would buy.

The disadvantages of being a scout.

Well , can you imagine waking every day in a different location and being surprised to do so.

In another universe at another time, I would seriously contemplate applying for the most shot person in the Guinness Book of Records.

I estimate that I have been shocked, shot and jabbed with over fifty thousand individual (e.g.: last weekend in the mall I estimate there were at least 65-80 people all punching their mobile phones as I walked through the mall. The total number of needle like to pencil like jabs that I felt around my heart, neck and head would be over a thousand in the space of only a few minutes.

We have also learnt in the last few months that these people are not above injecting palperidone into food on the shelves at the supermarkets.

In fact I was banned from the Mitchell Centre so that they could have somewhere safe to continue their shopping from. Yet, curiously whilst they are all aiding Bill Painter and his merry band of Mossad hit men to herd me around, deprive me of sleep [to destroy my immune system] and poison my food, they are not really telling them about how much radiation is really coming into town.

Last year during the more serious radiation events, I noticed that police cars were absent from our roads.

This month, that is no longer the case.

Therefore the sham “we’ll make sure you’re safe” is starting to fall apart because of the growing radiation levels.

Of course, no-one will realise they’ve been duped until the 1% are under ground in their bunkers.

And when they go to their bunkers, that’s when the rest of us will realise that we have been used in a most evil fashion to provide the wherewithal for the 1% to be safe.

Yet even those numbers are not right. 500Mill2

The Georgia Guide-stones gives succour and comfort to the scores of minions out there that believe…


1% of the worlds population is actually only 70million.

The event/earth changes that we are about to go through will last seventy-two years.

So that’s food for 70 million for seventy-two years.

Assuming they will be living on minimum rations… that requires:


Dessicated Meals# Gms p/day Cals p/day Kg p/yr Kg/p Decade Tons per 72 yrs
Food inc. 1 Meal/P/Day 220 1795 80.355 803.55 5.78556
reconstitution 2 Meal/P/Day 440 3590 160.71 1707.1 11.57112
fluids 3 Meal/P/Day 660 5385 241.065 2410.65 17.35668



Chksum Graphic


For comparative purposes, a McDonalds Big Mac is 8750 Calories.

And Water…

Water Water Mls per Kl p/Year Kl/p Decade Tons per 72 yrs
For Drinking 1 Glass/P/Day 300 Recommend 109.5 1095 7.884
Ablution 2 Glass/P/Day 600 8 Litres 219.5 2191.5 15.7788
& Sanitation 3 Glass/P/Day 900 Per Day 328.725 3287.25 23.6682



Assuming a very sedentary underground lifestyle.

Giving us a total of 40 tons per person per lifespan. That is, 40 pallets of food and water approximately 1.4 metres high x 990 mm x 1120 mm or 65 cubic metres per person.

(This is the “lean” and absolutely minimum levels of food intake model.)

Seventy million people therefore require 4,585,229,404 (four billion) cubic metres of food storage.

(In case they really are trying for the 500 million…. then they would need 31,841,870,861 cubic metres of food and water.) Ummmm pretty sure that’s impossible folks. So if you are one of the ones that have been lied too ?What are you going to do about it ?

Somehow, I don’t think they have the seventy million covered either…

In fact, The Australian head of whoever has the money to send Apache helicopters, 727′s, Dornier Search and Rescue, Navy King Helicopters and 200+ foot patrols (Bill Painter) has for the last few years been involved in getting fish farming right.





This suggests to me that in fact, fish will be the main fresh food fare as well as beans and mushrooms.

The Biosphere experiments of the eighties proved that a quarter acre block of land can provide food for eight people, although not enough to make them overweight. The papers on the topic stress that protein levels needed to be boosted with fresh protein (fish ?) to ensure success in the future.

The plans that I viewed in Bill Painter’s Fivedock offices for Fish Farms were small and designed to produce fish in the less than five hundred kilograms per week quantities.

(In other words, sufficient to feed a core group of

Kgs of Fish Gms p/serve Meals p/day Total wk gms Persons Fed
500 100 3 2100 23.8



Protein p/Serve = 17 Gms. Can of Sardines Approx = 2750 Cal.

Gee 23 people (and point 8). Huge number. Just how Many Politicians, Policeman, Public Servants, Aboriginals has Mr. Painter promised to save ?

Mr. Painter will be looking after number one. His wife Dr Evelyn [get the drugs right for Tom], his two children and his faithful sidekick, Saul. Maybe the household dog will get saved as well. Resources_Notice

I do believe that there are some resources constructed around Australia, in the Gulf country (Carpentaria), Nabarlek, and most likely the hills around Kosciusko where Mr. Painter once told me he had access to acreage.

So how many will survive ? Mr. Painter will survive and he is obviously determined that I shall not…

Well that depends on how many have access to alternative energy generation systems.

The only power systems that will function adequately in the future will be those that are compatible with a plasma environment. (So probably not anything that relies on VLSI (high density) chipset technology.) I’m guessing the actual numbers that have adequate food and potable (non-radioactive) water supplies will be very limited.

Places like VRD downs in the Kimberley’s and the Pyramid building at Pine Creek are too little, too late.

These facilities will provide shelter in the future but the radiation levels now are already claiming victims amongst the elder members of the male population. (Men’s blood is thicker and harder to pump through a radiation stressed heart.)

The Water…

Its all about the water. The chemtrails have been dumping nasties into our water supply since 2007.

As the majority of rain is now chemtrail derived, a great deal of our drinking water is now leaning towards the toxic.

Indigenous Essential Services Sustainable Water Management


To ensure reliable, good quality water supply to remote parts of the Northern. Territory, beginning with the variable Australias_Catchment_Areasnature of the extent and quality of groundwater supplies.

The large underground catchments in the Northern Territory are the big draw card. http://kovtr.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/WaterboreCuttings.xls

Water bores in the NT

Aboriginal legend tells of a people that survived a previous underground dreaming time by eating underground burrowing marsupials (predominantly Bandicoots).

Drinking Radio-active water or eating vegetables watered with radio active water is a fast way to become rather glowy.

There have over the last ten years several attempts to map and discover all natural water resources in Australia.

AU_River_BodiesThe need to find non surface water that is under pressure is becoming urgent.

Therefore bore water, from an area that isn’t on a fault line, and liquid urea on the plants is the best long term plan.

I would also try to recycle the plant watering to be reutilised over and over again by diverting the drainage form the plants to a small pond with the appropriate water lily rhizomes and duckweed.

Along with Caves….



Figure1: Australian karst areas, showing climatic zones. Zone II Monsoonal wet-dry tropics; Zone III Arid; Zone IV Mediterranean winter wet/ summer dry.

Normally I end with Rice, Water yadda yadda, today we end with :

Duckweed for Water Cleaning and Energy Productionprominent, because

In recent years a commonly occurring aquatic plant, “duckweed”, has become prominent because of its ability to concentrate minerals on heavily polluted water such as that arising from sewage treatment facilities. However, it has also attracted the attention of scientists because of its apparent high potential as a feed resource for livestock (Skillicorn et al., 1993; Leng, et al., 1994). Duckweed grows on water with relatively high levels of N, P and K and concentrates the minerals and synthesises protein. These are the nutrients which are often critically deficient in traditional fodders and feeds given to ruminants and to pigs and poultry particularly where the former depend on


agro-industrial byproducts and crop residues. The plant duckweed can be exploited in several ways, since it can simultaneously clean the wastewater, produce animal feed and be used as a Duckweed is a hardy floating plant that reproduces vegetatively very fast; it can easily cover the surface of almost any aquarium within several days. Regular (weekly) removal of excess plants is necessary to prevent total coverage of the water surface. It is quite attractive when it occurs among other floating plants. Most aquarists acquire Duckweed as “hitchhikers” on other plants, wood and floating in fish bag water.It is a high nutrient-requirement plant, thus particularly useful in new aquaria and “natural” filtration of water; if this plant does not grow well, it is a certain sign of nutrient deficiency in the water. Rarely will there be troublesome algae with duckweed on the surface. High in protein and fats, it is a nutritious food source (and an excellent natural laxative) for vegetarian fishes such as goldfish and carp; the common name comes from the fact that ducks are very fond of eating this plant. This species is almost indistinguishable from Lemna gibba. Both will flower above water, though fruit is very rare with L. minor. The plants propagate by division and this is very rapid. The floating “leaves” are actually fronds, 1 to 8(10) mm long and 0.6 to 7 mm wide. I am familiar with four types of duckweed: Little duckweed (Lemna minor), Great duckweed (Lemna polyrrhiza) Thick duckweed (Lemna gibba) and Cross duckweed (Lemna triscula).So we will try to do an update file on Duckweed in the near future. But in the mean time. Google is your friend. (OK, it can be used for searching. It’s not really your friend.)


Roll up, Roll up… Adventure Awaits.


What is the most advertised and sold item on this planet.Religions

Coke/Pepsi/McDonalds? Not even close.

The most sold item globally is religion.

Give up your soul for a particular version of eternal salvation/damnation and apparently your physical goodwill is thrown in for good measure. errr, physical goodwill equals your obvious sworn fidelity to protect your church from the enemy. Which changes from time to time but is usually wearing a turban, or a tie, or neither, and sometimes shaves and sometimes doesnt, but may have 72 virgins promised him or a bunch of very young cherubs playing lutes sitting on fluffy white clouds.
However it’s sold, the chances are (71%) that you have brought one version or another. Perhaps you were born to your religious calling… (e.g.: North or South Belfast.) Perhaps you heard the call in your later years (usually from a member of the opposite sex (my parents for example.)) Or perhaps God came down from the mount and tapped you you on the shoulder and said “Tom. I want you to join my army…”

Whatever the reason, be it accidental or deliberate design/choice you have a side. Either in the 84% or the 16%. I’m guessing the 84% will fight harder because they have a cause. But let’s analyse that for a moment.

Here are a bunch of people that believe that a God created this world and everything on it to competitively destroy each other.

That mankind were placed here to enslave or to harness other men to work for them and create wealth. (Adam Smith, the Wealth of Nations)
That Cows and Pigs and Goats and Sheep were placed here so that we would eat them.
And that Tigers and lions and Bears were placed here so that they would eat us.

A loving God (as he is most oft portrayed) would not have created a world that depended upon a competitive battle to the death for survival for all of it’s creatures.

The garden of Eden story doesn’t hold water. Not when little children are the “accidental” victims of “his” choices.

Perhaps it’s time to fast forward the “God” adverts.
Possibly we should look at people and systems that don’t need a live sacrifice “in his name”.

I call this idea “The age of Aquarius….”

Trouble is, first we have to get past the age of no food and lots of guns and arseholes with nuclear weapons and bunkers.

(They would be the ones who are the non-believers. Mainly because they are writing all the scripts for the News that you all believe in.)

Why are they writing the scripts ? So they can get away and hide when the shit hits the fan… and you all are running around saying woe is us….

The people to be careful of.


Everybody Knows


Everybody Knows (Cohen, Leonard;Robinson, S)

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded

Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died

Everybody talking to their pockets
Everybody wants a box of chocolates
And a long stem rose
Everybody knows

Everybody knows that you love me baby
Everybody knows that you really do
Everybody knows that you’ve been faithful
Ah give or take a night or two
Everybody knows you’ve been discreet
But there were so many people you just had to meet
Without your clothes
And everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

And everybody knows that it’s now or never
Everybody knows that it’s me or you
And everybody knows that you live forever
Ah when you’ve done a line or two
Everybody knows the deal is rotten
Old Black Joe’s still pickin’ cotton
For your ribbons and bows
And everybody knows

And everybody knows that the Plague is coming
Everybody knows that it’s moving fast
Everybody knows that the naked man and woman
Are just a shining artifact of the past
Everybody knows the scene is dead
But there’s gonna be a meter on your bed
That will disclose
What everybody knows

And everybody knows that you’re in trouble
Everybody knows what you’ve been through
From the bloody cross on top of Calvary
To the beach of Malibu
Everybody knows it’s coming apart
Take one last look at this Sacred Heart
Before it blows
And everybody knows

Everybody knows, everybody knows
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

Oh everybody knows, everybody knows
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

Your Mission… is to change the above.


Todays Eclipse


Will be best viewed from Antarctica. Solar_eclipse_29_04_14

For those in the antipodes, here are the times:

Adelaide: Begins 3:25pm, peaks 4:37pm (51 per cent of the sun covered), sets 5:35pm.
Brisbane: Begins 4:31pm, peaks 5:17pm (24 per cent of the sun covered), sun sets mid eclipse.
Canberra: Begins 4:05pm, peaks 5:12pm (46 per cent of the sun covered), sets 5:22pm.
Hobart: Begins 3:51pm, peaks


The view from Sydney, Clouds permitting (Which of course they won’t be)

5:00pm (64 per cent of the sun covered), sets 5:17pm.
Melbourne: Begins 3:58pm, peaks 5:07pm (55 per cent of the sun covered), sets 5:35pm.
Perth: Begins 1:17pm, peaks 2:42pm (49 per cent of the sun covered), sets 3:59pm.
Sydney: Begins 4:14pm, 5:15pm (41 per cent of the sun covered), sets mid eclipse.


To watch the eclipse Live: http://www.space.com/17933-nasa-television-webcasts-live-space-tv.html/

For those looking for meaning….


Click on Image for larger version in new window