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There’s a saying in the Computer World shared by the US Military. FUBAR.

 In 1933, Corporatism took over Europe and Adolf Hitler was voted in as Chancellor of Germany. Corporations donated to politicians and dictated policy enabling them to maximise their profits. 

This was in the middle of the 1930’s recession and prior to the days of consumer credit, meaning that the only the rich and Government entities were buying.

Herr Hitler promised the masses during the recession in Germany Bread.

He gave them jobs by increasing the military. That in turn required more ball bearings, more aeroplanes, more tanks, more steel, more ammunition and lots more jobs. Once all that military hardware was created there was only one thing to do with it – Go to War.

Historically, increased security and Censorship has always been the precursor to increased Military activity. In Germany as in previous civilisations, book burning became the norm. (Why is it that our political leaders believe they can build a better future by destroying the historical past ?)

The advent of Television made it easier to control the central point of information dissemination. In third world countries, third world dictators have been known to pull the plug on Television Broadcasters for transmitting unfavourable commentary.

In the West we call this Dictatorial Fascism and we get up in arms about it, demanding that countries honour the Berne Convention on Human Rights.

 But what do we do when our own governing bodies effect a similar maneuver on our information flow ?

For the last three years, Web sites have been slowly disappearing from the Web. Under the guise of copyright breach, web sites have lost their Domain Names, get hacked with malware injections so that their websites are reported as distributing malware by Google, YouTube videos used to be deleted, now merely just lose the audio track. Other YouTube Videos get the “potentially offensive or inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised” treatment.


Boston Bombing YouTube innaprpriate content flag...

The Seal of Approval Warning...


As soon as I see that sign, I KNOW it has to be good content. [1]

To me that is the ultimate stamp of approval. Establishment shills marking the content as inappropriate.

 Anyone seeing the YouTube video (link below) would now be aware that the Boston Bombing was faked to achieve some desired result. The question we need to ask ourselves, is why does the Government go to such lengths in an attempt to distract us ?

Is there something else going on that is so earth shattering that the US military has to hire outside contractors to create false flag terrorism events for the media to regurgitate to a believing public ?

 What could it be ? (Could it be Aliens ?)

Although, I must admit, some good did come from the entire botched affair.

The Zeta Aliens were totally taken in by the event and I quote from Nancy Leiders latest Newsletter. [2]

 The Zetas stated the bombers were local residents, would likely be identified from video
and photos at the bombing site, and purchased the bomb components
locally. By Friday April 19 it was known the bombers were local
residents. The Zetas stated this was NOT part of a jihadist network
with overseas connections, though an attempt to give that appearance
was done. Days later on April 23 the news was reporting that the
surviving bomber was not going to be charged as an “enemy
combatant” but rather that the brothers were acting alone.
The Zetas stated that the perpetrator, clearly the older brother, was
sullen and disgruntled and resentful as he had not succeeded in life
as others had. The older brother proved to be a high schoo dropout,
then later became a college dropout. He was in the Golden Gloves but
was passed over for the Olympic. He was having trouble getting the US

citizenship granted to his younger brother
due to an assault charge on his record.  Arrogant and
dictatorial, relying upon his athletic prowess for status, he fit the
Zeta description.

What a crock of doodoo. Her credibility for running the Poleshift site since 1994 has gone completely out the window. That’s what happens when you mix science fiction with Politics. Anyone seeing the above referenced Youtube would know by now that the local Police Force were involved in notifying the press before the incident that it was a controlled demolition.

So, whilst I am ambivalent about the existence of aliens, I am pretty sure that Nancy Leiders Aliens are either non-prescient, pretty dumb, have really shitty second grade sub-par internet access or are non-existent. (I leave it to the reader to choose.)

Back to disappearing websites.

The latest appears to be public access to Solar data that isnt on the NOAA website.

Direct access to Lasco and Seechi satellites has now been terminated.

LASCO SEECHI No longer availbale Screen Capture

LASCO SEECHI No longer availbale Screen Capture

SEEDS [3] in the UK apparently has lost research access, (with the last fortnight empty) or instructed to not to make the data available to the public.

14 days of zero data


However if one visits

And presses the CME Cygnet button

 Then you will be told…

So I’m probably wrong. Boston had nothing to do with distracting people from what was happening on the Sun. (But you never know, it may be worthwhile keeping one eye open for solar hi-jinx.


Who could be behind a conspiracy so large that it involves the US Navy, YouTube, The Boston Police Force, NSI, Merit, the various Copyright organisations globally, and universities in the United Kingdom ?

I don’t know, but they must be someone pretty important.

In the meantime, everything you want to find on the Internet is still there. Cached, copied, mirrored, forgotten.
If you need to find something badly enough, first find a geek that knows the Internet and understands search engines. He/She will find the missing content.

It’s all in the Technique

Sometimes the original content is missing but the reference citations will give indications of what other papers
cover the same or similar ground and those papers give other citations etc until goodness gracious me, here is a draft copy of the original paper I was looking for.

Now – What did we achieve with this blog article ?

Well we distracted you from the Sun again for a full three minutes. 

OK here’s the real reason we got you here… line your hat with aluminum (aluminium of you speak the Queens English) foil.

Don’t wear a hat ? Well, Start.  Remember the Zombies in Florida last year ? They didn’t wear hats either. The only thing better than spf 4500+ (sun cream) for stopping Alpha rays is a piece of paper or a cloth hat on your head. (The aluminum is for the Beta rays.) (Just in case NASA were wrong. AND… putting a hat on tomorrow and wearing it till the 14th would be a good thing to do. 

In closing, it would appear that our Internet and the people censoring its’ content are FUBAR.


1      The Boston Bombing

2      ZETA Newsletter

Copy   Cached Pdf Copy  



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