The Earth is growing… (And it’s Normal!)


That means that our Magma needs to make room for the expanding core.

As it grows, the Tectonic plates that provide the base for the land our mountains, rivers, oceans and coastal plains are on need to move.

As the Tectonic plates rumble about, they create groaning noises, often heard above ground.

 Here is the official NASA advisory map on the direction of the movement.

(24 inches/600 mm to 16 metres/49 feet) per year

As our planet Grows it is altering it’s magnetic influence on our sun.

This and other external cosmic forces result in the sun spitting out Solar Flares along with coronial mass injections.

These sun spit balls, when they reach earth are not beneficial to our long term healthy well-being.

They also upset our core that then starts the rumbling tectonic plate movement thingy (sometimes resulting in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and sometimes Tsunamis).

These CME’s from the sun are increasing every month. At this time, May 12th, 2013 they affect mainly the Northern Hemisphere. After the Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) they will affect mainly the Southern regions beneath the Magnetic Equator (for the following 6 months).

Our Real Equator


However, one thing is sure. Whilst we are going through our growing phase, the tectonic plates will continue to move, earthquakes will continue to get bigger and Tsunami’s on our coastlines will become more frequent.

Tip for the day. Living near a coastline may be hazardous to your long term well being. And Oh yeah – Get a Hat. Most importantly, make sure your kids have hats on every time they go outside. Rain, or shine. (They don’t have to have them on for Snow or Hail… [Long story about Albedo effect for another day]. if you’re curious. (BTW, you should be curious…)

Send Back Those Nasty CME's and Gamma Ray Bursts


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