Darwin Mitchell Centre – Doesn’t want to Shield Residents Against Radiation.


This morning at around 12:30 am the Mitchell Centre alarm went off again indicating a radiation event (or if you prefer the official explanation yet another false fire alarm (the fourth in a week).

As I said, I have worked out that the alarm in the multiple story carpark, retail and office complex appears to be now doubling as a radiation warning signal and most probably acting as a drive under shelter for the myriad of night-workers in the the city who don’t qualify for admission to the underground complex at Government house or the legislative Assembly building.

I unfortunately am one of the lowly peons that hasn’t been invited into either of the aforementioned “safety-zones”. (Which is a little sad because if I hadn’t embarrassed them into it, they probably still wouldn’t be protecting their people during radiation storms.)

This morning as normal, I went to Coles and looked around for what I wanted for Breakfast.

This is challenging, because buying something that I have purchased before usually results in me getting another load of drugs into my system from the food.

(Yep all those people following me around the store and watching what I buy feed that data back to someone else. Those people feed the info to someone with access to the food on the shelves who then (I presume) use syringes to squirt the drug into food that I have purchased. [Spray and hole size suggest syringe use]).

Sample of food that in my opinion has had Paliperindone [or a drug that has similar cardiac effects] squirted into it by either staff that work at Coles or persons with unrestricted access to the food on the shelves at Coles.

What they normally look like

With Brown Stain of Something on 2 x Biscuits ??

Two packets tested, Both had the rapid heart affect on me.

For the last two days to throw them off the trail I purchased food not gluten free. Yum… but of course I paid the price. However, it would seem that they weren’t prepared to “soil” all food [as opposed to the limited subset of gluten free only] in the supermarket so this morning….

Mr. Reno Martin filling in the "Trespass Notice"

The Security guard came up to me with a police constable, apparently leaving my trolley with my possessions in it unattended, even in the full visibility of a security was a security risk as I might be a terrorist. I assured him that my long time Territory residency meant that I was highly unlikely to be a Terrorist and I didn’t believe in terrorists anyway.

My Banning Notice (They take terrorism really seriously at Coles)

I tried to contest this “victimization” but he was determined to remove the Mitchell centre from the “safe haven” anti-radiation zones that I have identified in Darwin.

So half an after being banned from the Mitchell Center in Darwin for a year, I was outside eating my breakfast when Con, the Coles Service manager came outside and asked me if I was finished with the Trolley as they were very short of trolleys.

I asked him if he was serious and instead of replying he turned and went back inside the store. I followed him back in incredulous that all the trolleys were used up at 9:30 on a Friday morning when I could barely see anyone entering and leaving the store.

As can be seen from the photograph, the trolley racks were full.

I guess I don’t mind too much.

It was getting to be a drag trying to figure out what to eat that I hadn’t eaten before and wouldn’t kill me with all the drugs they were lacing the food with.

Although the toilet was handy. There are only three public toilets left in the whole of the Darwin CBD for easy access to me now (when they are not out of commission. )

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